What is happta?

happta is a publishing platform based on decentralized and open source technologies. It aims to be the standard on decentralized projects communications.


The underlying techologies allow all the process to be transparent. Both the reader and the consumer can validate the integrity of the content.


Run everything with a private key. No KYC process, no review content, no censhorship. Freedom.

High Available

It does not depend on any centralized server and therefore is likely to operate through time without failure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach out in case you have more doubts.

What is the decentralization degree?

If you want you can achieve full decentralization you can download the code to serve the web locally, run you IPFS server, run your Ethereum node and achieve a pretty decent degree of decentralization. However if you lack of technical skills it will be tricky to achieve such degree. We are working to lower the bar improving and distributing the dapp.

Is it free?

The only costs are the only ones related with the Ethereum transactions.

Do I need a token?

No, since it is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is open source a token makes no sense.

How can I publish content?

You will need something like Mist or MetaMask.

I want to contribute!

Great! There is plenty stuff to do, if you have an idea to submit or you want to contribute to the project do not hesitate to do it. You can find the developers in Github.

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